God wants to speak with you!

Yes! He does.

He wants to whisper his love to you.

He wants to share his heart with you.

He wants to speak into your everyday, and chat with you, just like a friend.

Knowing God: Hear His Voice is an online course, and is for you if you want to

  • grow in confidence in recognising God's voice
  • hear God speak to you regularly
  • deepen your friendship with God
  • overcome confusion and lies
  • learn how to release God's word to others (and grow in boldness in doing so)

It's not just someone else God wants to speak to! It's you!

You are his precious child. God has beautiful words to speak into your life. He has beautiful words to pour through you to others!

Your Course Creator

Joanna May Chee
Joanna May Chee

Hi! My name's Joanna.

I’m married to an amazing man, and have four incredible kids! We’ve travelled the world, lived in Malaysia, Bosnia and Turkey, and are now settled back in UK.

I get excited about God. I’m often awake in the night with a million ideas for my next book, course or project. It’s my heart to encourage and equip women to love their families and meet with God. There’s so much more of him!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course presented?
The course consists of online videos in which I teach and share lots of my own stories, as well as Bible studies, quizzes, and downloadable resources. An exciting component of the course will be the private Facebook group. This will be a place to get to know each other, practice what we're learning, and share what we hear from God! (If you don't use Facebook, there will be opportunity for interaction through the course commenting system.) I created the kind of course I'd like to take. It's varied, practical and fun! I can't wait to learn together with you!
When will the course open?
I'm really excited about this course and would love to open it right now! BUT I'm still in the process of creating it. I'll let you know as soon as it is ready. Join the wait list to be the first to know!
I have another question.
Email me at joanna {at} joannamaychee {dot} com. I'll be pleased to help!